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Services have commoditised. Tactics no-longer work. And as the traditional mediums and approaches collapse,
marketing complexity is growing sharply. (Eloquently said by The Economist)

The only game is to be strategically driven.

Welcome to AMBA

AMBA is a strategy first marketing agency. We consult on brand strategy, marketing strategy, media assurance, market insights and smart tactical activation.

With advanced marketing science and neuroscience techniques that drive commercial outcomes, we take market complexity and turn that into a strength,
not a weakness.

We are one of small handful of agencies that provide this style of focus - short-term results, long-term benefits. Uniquely, we build the knowledge into our client’s business.

AMBA - Align to Market using Brand and Advertising. We are based in Sydney and connected globally.


From Reach to Engagement
to a sales conversion.


An end-to-end delightful
customer experience.

We work across these disciplines

Skilled Creative

With just 3-seconds to be
noticed and 9 to fascinate,
creative must hit hard.

Aesthetic Design

We eat with our eyes.
Creativity drives likability.

Connected Media

You have to reach people before
you can influence them.

Clever Technology

It's far more effective to observe
what people do than to listen to
what they say they do.

Smart Build

Leveraging assets
maximises value.


Our work


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When your advertising stops delivering results

04.09.17 / 02:50AM / Peter O'Leary

As a marketer is there anything worse? You’ve invested energy, much of your limited budget and the dial just didn’t move. Everyone is asking the question - what went wrong? And, everyone involved is pointing fingers.

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Why invest in good creative work?

22.08.17 / 10:25PM / Peter O'Leary

When it comes to all things marketing, the obvious answer to any question about investing should always be based on the return generated - the ROMI. By that definition, creative that is good yields stronger results. What is good creative and how do you know when you’ve found it?

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AMBA has moved!

18.08.17 / 02:06AM / Peter O'Leary

Do I hear a What! Why? Where?

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Does digital deliver on the promise?

01.08.17 / 10:50PM / Peter O'Leary

The data is 100% absolute - we (the people) are all increasingly online and loving it. So, logic follows that the digital environment should be where brands advertise. And that’s true, sometimes.

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