AMBA USES Advanced science and strategy to amplify your brand’s performance

Emotion drives the choices we each make. Emotive triggers open eyes and rational minds. We connect both.

Text Animation Touch Hearts Move Minds

Let strategy lead

Doing the stuff that matters is our definition of why strategy must lead. Just doing something (anything) is easy. Figuring out what matters brings focus, purpose and meaningful results.

Brands engage when they are relevant

Brands do their best work when customers recognise what the brand does.

Brand triggers capture attention

Memory determines what we notice. We’re all drawn towards the familiar. By codifying and deploying distinctive assets, brands are easier to identify and find.

Creative drives likability

People are drawn to things they like. Creativity adds emotion and when combined with effective branding, drives recognition and response. 

You have to reach people before you can influence them

Audience reach is fundamental. Reaching those that can materially impact sales can change the game.

AMBA is a strategic marketing agency

We have direct experience in all facets of marketing communication, including brand, advertising, design, digital, media and public relations.

AMBA is based in Sydney, with clients in major markets around the globe.

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