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About Us

AMBA was established in 2001. Like all good consulting firms, we evolve by continually embedding advances in science and technology. Once we may have been considered a marketing agency, a creative agency, an integrated agency, a media agency and a graphic design studio.

Today, we deploy Brand Science & Strategy to create value for clients – the strategy work we do delivers results for years to come. By codifying and anchoring brand assets, activity rollout and other implementation is faster, at a lower cost and much more effective.

Our clients often tell us that we bring a fresh perspective – a different way of thinking that sees beyond the obvious. Our clients vary in size, industry and category. Each assignment is unique, yet all have a similar challenge – how to better attract new customers while building loyalty with the existing.


AMBA is a member of the Cathay Group, an international network with a strong China focus, presence and market knowledge. With Cathay, we have direct access into 60+ countries, offering services wherever your business needs to be. Entering a new market is a highly delicate process, by being partners with the best marketing agencies everywhere, we can remove the frustration of your global expansion. 

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Image of Mandy O'Leary who is a brand strategist for AMBA Communications


The Talent. Solves Puzzles.

Mandy was Client Service Director for a multinational communications firm before founding AMBA. Strategically strong, Mandy is responsible for setting direction and then driving outcomes. Her power comes from a passion for connecting emotionally while consistently delivering to astronomically high standards. It’s a rare ability – to understand what’s needed and matching that to what’s possible.

Talk to Mandy. Bring your current challenge, Mandy loves to solve puzzles.


The Secret Weapon. Sets Perspective.

Peter is intuitive and strong with detail. He talks powerfully from direct experience and is able to find answers hidden in any assorted mess of facts and data. It’s this mix of data and innovation that can fundamentally change the game. Peter has a passion for how human behaviour meets the mechanics of business. As he says, with the right perspective everything makes sense.

Peter is internationally recognised and was the Regional Director for the ICOM Network from 2016 to 2020.

Talk to Peter. He may just tweak your perspective and change everything.

Image of Peter O'Leary who is a brand scientist for AMBA Communications

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