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We regularly post on the issues and what we have observed happening in the complex world of marketing. The views and opinions are ours - and we are always open for debate. Let’s chat.

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Reach and Frequency: What should be the priority? - AMBA Agency

14.05.19 / 06:00AM / Peter O'Leary

Let’s say that you've been tasked with delivering the best results from a limited budget. It’s now time to decide on the optimal exposure/reach and frequency needed to make your advertising campaign a major success - there are so many options, opinions and possibilities. More importantly, how would you know if you have the right strategy?

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Advertising, Media Advertising, Media Strategy

When to consider Brand Repositioning? - AMBA Agency

15.04.19 / 04:00AM / Peter O'Leary

There are four reasons why you would consider repositioning your brand:

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Google Expands Video Use

04.04.19 / 06:32AM / Jakob Caudle

Short-form Video is more important than ever! As the digital landscape evolves the battle between the alpha corporations, Google and Facebook, have extended into a new arena - the contest for video dominance. Video is the most consumed media format globally. As a result, all digital platforms are focused on establishing a stronghold in this market. Google and Facebook are currently helping themselves to unlock brand budgets and assert control over targeted performance advertising. As this battle continues, we’re on the lookout new developments that marketers can utilise.

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Key Visual Elements in Branding Your Digital Presence - AMBA Agency

04.03.19 / 10:50PM / Peter O'Leary

Branding is now more critical to business success than possibly at any other time in history and there are millions of reasons why. Human attention span is shortening and decisions are being made purely on emotive reactions in an instant (swipe left).

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Digital Advertising, Branding, brand communication

When do you hire a Brand Ambassador? - AMBA Agency

31.01.19 / 08:45PM / Peter O'Leary

Let's start with a straightforward definition of what a Brand Ambassador is - it’s a person, especially a celebrity, who is paid to endorse or promote a particular company's products or services. The keywords are Brand, Paid and Promote.

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brand marketing


10.01.19 / 12:33AM / Peter O'Leary

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is standard practice for most business. No matter what the size, there is an expectation that businesses do the right thing - from helping those in need to tackling issues that will make the world a better place. This expectation is almost becoming a demand, watched closely by all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and regulators/governments.

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Branding, CSR

The True Value of IP

04.04.18 / 05:35AM / Michelle Gorton

Mark Twain famously said, "there is no such thing as a new idea…” The reality is that greatness often comes by re-imagining and extending what already exists. What’s newly created is still unique and novel, just maybe a little familiar and occasionally spectacularly inventive.

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marketing and advertising

Sales Growing Or Slowing? What's a realistic Target?

12.03.18 / 06:37AM / Peter O'Leary

One of the great business challenges is to deliver ongoing, continuous, growth in sales and profits. It’s an obvious objective - a common belief that it’s easy to repeat what you have previously done and then do some more.

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sales growth

Brands are built in media and at point-of-purchase.

22.12.17 / 03:09AM / Peter O'Leary

Consumer research has consistently shown that products that are advertised on TV are considered to be of a higher quality than those that aren’t. It doesn’t mean that TV is the only answer but it does show that cues come from an array of sources.

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brand building

Human Attention span is getting shorter.

18.12.17 / 03:09AM / Peter O'Leary

Human attention span is now measured at just 8.25 seconds, down from 12 seconds in the year 2000. (For comparison, a goldfish is measured at 9). The shift is attributed to the use of devices and the cluttered world in which we now find ourselves.

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