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Adapting to the Shortening Audience Attention Span

Peter O'Leary 08 Jan 2016 • 3 mins read

This fast-paced, always-on world has completely changed the way we think. The average attention span has shortened to 8.25 seconds in 2015, a departure of about 3.75 seconds from year 2000’s 12 seconds. If that’s still not worrying enough news, note that our attention span is now a full second shorter than the common goldfish, an animal that popular culture has consistently mocked for having a short attention span.

With the internet overloading our senses with constant streams of information and shifting data about things that fascinate us or appeal to our needs, we are becoming hardwired to lose focus faster and decrease true memory retention. Some would argue, though, that this change can help us, as it increases our ability to multi-task and boost information processing time.

No matter the case, this diminishing attention span is a truth digital marketers have to live with. Revitalise your digital marketing strategy to better appeal to your evolving audience by following these tips.   

Cut through the clutter with video clips, infographics, photos and other effective media.

Be straight to the point.

Forget set-ups and long-winded introductions. Your marketing messages should be short and direct to the point. Be single-mindedly focused on what you want to accomplish. Right from the start, talk about what’s in it for them.

Use the right medium.

Bank on your knowledge about your audience. What medium do they prefer? What’s the best possible channel to reach them directly and succinctly? Aside from having razor-sharp content, you’ll need an on-point medium to deliver it. Cut through the clutter with video clips, infographics, photos and other effective media.

Employ your brand assets.

We’ve discussed creating distinctive brand assets and how neuro-science is the key in creating stronger and enduring brand engagement in a previous blog post. From your logos and typography to your photos and design themes, focus on consistency and distinctiveness. No matter how simple your digital marketing initiative is, properly using your brand assets will help form memory triggers for top-of-mind awareness.

Put a premium on interface and navigation.

Make it easy for your audience to navigate your website and digital projects. Make user interface and ergonomics top priority. Poor interface and navigation will make your audience lose interest in a flash and leave your page.

The evolution of your audience is inevitable. Instead of being lost in the shuffle, seek out the best ways to enhance engagement. Find ways to stay relevant. Take advantage of every second from that shortened attention span. Be worth their attention. 

Use the digital platform in engaging your audience and gear up for Inbound marketing. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an AMBA business leader and learn how Inbound marketing can revolutionise your digital engagement.