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AMBA has moved!

Peter O'Leary Aug 18 • 2 mins read

Do I hear a What! Why? Where?

After 11 years in the most spectacular of Sydney locations, AMBA is marking our latest chapter by relocating to an equally spectacular location in the Sydney CBD.

Why the move?

To align with ‘the time’. Change comes in 3 parts - a reckoning, a rumble and then the revolution. Markets shift and needs change, but often the fundamentals remain in place. Every business evolves and, at key markers, should grasp the opportunity to make a significant pivot. This is ours.

Our new location connects better and is more easily accessible. We’ve moved from a heritage listed barrack in the midst of grass and Kookaburra’s, to a state-of-art contemporary office tower right by the harbour. A greater, or more exciting, contrast can’t be found. Barangaroo is a hub for business.

AMBA is now 16 years old - way more than 100 dog years for those who follow the story (let me know if you don’t, I’d be pleased to share). Importantly, that is 16 years young, with all of the vitality and hunger that youth brings, just tempered with a little ageless experience.

What is different?

Nothing and everything. During the rumble, we found that we were having more conversations about how to position for growth and profitability, where to find stability in an unstable market, and how to identify the markers that help you know you’re on track.

We are always going to be that unique blend of smart strategy, skilled creative and precision execution. We’ve also recognised that there is a need to build knowledge and strength inside our client’s business, and add value to the people, not just respond to the brief. Complexity is everywhere - from the political, media, impact of interest rates, to retail, to media, to human attention span and behaviour. Turn complexity into a strength, not a weakness, and you gain a significant competitive advantage. That’s our world.

What hasn’t changed is our openness and willingness to respond. The coffee is still good and there’s a plethora of options for lunch and catch ups.

Come and say G’day.