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Brands are built in media and at point-of-purchase.

Peter O'Leary 22 Dec 2017 • 1 min read

Consumer research has consistently shown that products that are advertised on TV are considered to be of a higher quality than those that aren’t. It doesn’t mean that TV is the only answer but it does show that cues come from an array of sources.

Human behaviour is predictable. Most decisions that we make are emotionally driven - cues and triggers mean that we don't have to think.

Brands that advertise are seen in the context of other brands and in Media. Media exposure will send prospects into store, online or into the arms of a sales representative - where the ultimate purchase/engagement decision is made. It’s all part of one journey. How do we help your prospect make the right decision?

Many a great product has been lost forever because not enough people knew about it. You do need to reach people before you can influence them. Successful brands advertise. The associated cues that Media delivers go beyond the simple presentation of a product. Quality products have quality ads.

Perhaps most intriguingly though, is that no major brand has been built purely using digital. Even Google and FaceBook advertise offline. There are good reasons why.

This is a big story - one that fires our passion.

Find out more and start with our approach to BRAND and to MEDIA.

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