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Confronting Marketing Science

Peter O'Leary Jun 06 • 2 mins read

Science is revealing new truths about how consumers engage and how brands grow. It often challenges convention - throwing out old theories and replacing those with evidence-based facts. Convention is safe; questioning tradition seems harsh. Some say that marketing science is akin to heresy and just the latest fad on the never ending treadmill of repackaged ideas.

Should we confront Marketing Science and its new thinking or is it Marketing Science itself that is confronting and that we should listen, learn and figure out how to embrace change?

We have a bias. We have carefully investigated, studied intently and actively engaged in the debate. Through that process, we became big fans of Byron Sharp and his team at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. We also enjoy the work and insights of Mark Ritson, be that at RMIT or his work with Marketing Week UK. To put in context - if we want to be the best we can possibly be - we need to be willing to embed change. (Which is exactly what we have done.)

The answer - we should be doing both. We need to confront the science and challenge how it fits our business and accept that the process will be so confronting that we may throw out much of what we once believed. It really can be that dramatic - which is the reason why the debate is raging so loudly now.

Like life, marketing is a journey. Knowledge is a competitive advantage that can lead to a major shift. No matter your role, if you’re involved with marketing or sales, this is where the future sits. Great things never come from comfort zones.

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