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Does digital deliver on the promise?

Peter O'Leary Aug 01 • 2 mins read

The data is 100% absolute - we (the people) are all increasingly online and loving it. So, logic follows that the digital environment should be where brands advertise. And that’s true, sometimes.

Mark Ritson very eloquently concluded that Social Media is a Social Media - it is where people connect with other people. It’s powerful, addictive and highly efficient. But, it doesn’t work the same way for brands. People don’t want to be friends or share emotions with a Brand.

In the early days, Digital promised it would be better targeted, always relevant (content) and able to engage faster with audiences. And it can. This is the wonderful world of programmatic - tight targeting should drive efficiency and reduce wastage. But what happens in the real world?

Imagine for a moment that you’re an avid fly fisher chasing trout. There is fascinating content waiting for you - perfect you would think, for someone selling equipment like fly fishing rods. The problem for the advertiser becomes apparent quickly - the frequent consumer of trout fishing content already has all of the gear they need. They might buy another one but, overall, they don’t need much and won’t drive volume.

In this example, sales volume would most likely come from those who are on the fringe - they may fish occasionally, have an interest in trying fly fishing and don’t yet have the gear to do so. They are not regular consumers (and may never become regular), but they are the real opportunity.

As a marketer, you would want to ensure that you reach as many fisher people as possible. Not excluding the trout devotees but not limited to just that group either. So, the next question is - where do you find a large number of people who occasionally fish?

Yes, Digital does deliver but not as tightly as initially may have been expected.

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