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For the Love of Wine

Peter O'Leary Jun 13 • 2 mins read

One man’s journey that built a cellar with more than 5,000 different wines - it’s a story about passion and commitment - with something for us all.

This cellar currently houses around 70,000 bottles - which clearly makes it commercial venture. The extraordinary fact, though, is that this work of one man, who has personally selected each and every bottle added over the past 40 years. He has sniffed, sipped and spat (rarely) wines of all types, from virtually all wine regions across the globe. He’s not a wine maker or a wine merchant but a rare breed. A restaurateur, a chef, a highly-acknowledged sommelier and a true enthusiast (with an amazing palate). His name is Rudi.

You’ll find the cellar at Stuyvesant’s House, a small suburban restaurant in Crows Nest, Sydney. It’s not hatted or ‘on trend’ but the menu is special and the wine is unforgettable. The regulars are welcomed like family. The first timers don’t quite know where to start.

All restaurants offer food. Many offer wine. Few, anywhere, offer choice on this level. 

Ask Rudi about the menu and he’ll tell you excitedly about that morning’s visit to the fish and produce markets.  Ask about a wine - and you’ll learn about soil, minerality and weather conditions. Rudi is an expert. Which after lifetime of hands on experience you might expect.

This is the question for you and me. What are we doing to build our expertise? We’re all good at what we do (at least that’s what we want others to think). Where is the passion? Where is the line that defines ordinary and extraordinary? And how do we share our knowledge?

For me - we are marketers and communicators. We love marketing science, results and sales, and the people that make those things happen.

We’re also lovers of wine and great food. Can I buy you a beer? See you at Stuyvesant’s.

For more info about Stuyvesant’s House, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.