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Google Expands Video Use

Jakob Caudle 04 Apr 2019 • 2 mins read

Short-form Video is more important than ever!

As the digital landscape evolves the battle between the alpha corporations, Google and Facebook, have extended into a new arena - the contest for video dominance. Video is the most consumed media format globally. As a result, all digital platforms are focused on establishing a stronghold in this market. Google and Facebook are currently helping themselves to unlock brand budgets and assert control over targeted performance advertising. As this battle continues, we’re on the lookout new developments that marketers can utilise.

One such capability has swayed the momentum in Google's favour. Google has allowed marketers to utilise Youtube videos that are 30 seconds or less to be included in responsive display ad formats. The inclusion of this capability is new and has not yet been embraced significantly. This is an opportunity for marketers to gain a competitive advantage. We expect further developments are likely to be delivered

Google is also engaged in a battle with Amazon, defending its monopoly in the search market. Amazon is currently developing its own search business that is pairing advertisers with consumers closer to the point of purchase. This is a potential threat to Google, as their platform is not as closely linked to purchasing opportunities. As with all battles in history, innovation occurs when new challenges or possibilities are revealed. There is no reason to believe this battle will be any different.

Google has just introduced responsive search ads as part of a beta program. It is encouraging advertisers to assist them in testing this new ad format. It will be essential to keep track of the findings during this beta period so that we can offer this new format as soon as possible. Responsive Search may well be the next revolution the search ad market and will undoubtedly influence competition.