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Working your magic through an effective advertising creative brief

Peter O'Leary 16 May 2016 • 3 mins read

An effective creative brief needs to clear two hurdles in a single leap. It’s got to function as both an inspirational blueprint for your creative team and a confirmation back to the client that you understand their challenge and have a strategy in place to meet it. 

In order to satisfy both objectives successfully, you’ll need to rely on clarity, brevity and inventive language to answer the following questions:

What is the challenge?

Getting to the root of any brief’s challenge is going to require a bit of detective work. It’s not enough to just copy down what the client tells you. It’s your job to distil pure ideas from their broad objectives and mine creative gems from the bedrock of their expectations.


Who is facing this challenge?

It’s always smarter to engage with consumer behaviour than it is to try and change it. So, you’ll need to understand what buyers in the category are already doing to satisfy their need. If your brief is going to succeed at moving the needle for the client, you’ll need to know what customers are, and are not, currently responding to.

If you expect to inspire and motivate others with your brief, it needs to motivate and inspire you first.


What solution are you selling?

This is where clarity and brevity come into play. You position needs to be focused and easy to understand. Spreading your creative efforts across too many executions can end up overwhelming a client, triggering a disconnect from your creative.


Own it

If you expect to inspire and motivate others with your brief, it needs to motivate and inspire you first. To get the absolute best out of your creative team, you must be confident and take ownership of its contents.


Creativity drives likability; so don’t be afraid to be distinctive with putting together your creative brief. Because even if it ends up imperfect, clients will appreciate the effort and anxious to see what you come up with next.

The next step is all about how you evaluate the creative response. But we’ll table that conversation for next time.

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