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Key Visual Elements in Branding Your Digital Presence - AMBA Agency

Peter O'Leary 04 Mar 2019 • 3 mins read

Branding is now more critical to business success than possibly at any other time in history and there are millions of reasons why. Human attention span is shortening and decisions are being made purely on emotive reactions in an instant (swipe left).

Branding is an identifier. It assists with decision making. Something familiar confirms that you’ve found the right place and the right thing: brand’s cue quality, price and even the context for when you should buy.

Good brands have a code that defines how the brand looks, speaks and can trigger memory associations that build relevancy. Brand Assets should always be distinctive. Distinctive assets communicate instantly, subconsciously conveying message and tone, building brand recognition and creating hooks and memories.

Branding your Digital Presence. While the fundamentals of branding don’t change when moving online, the format does. Space is smaller; the speed of engagement is faster, which requires the impact to be more intense. Less is more.

  1. Start with Brand
    • Define (and test) your Brand’s Asset. Ensuring your audience can recognise they have found the right spot is an excellent win early in the process. Logo and colour are obvious but your assets could also include a tagline, a language or tonality style and an image style, just to mention just a few. Remember, your brand is the expression of your UX.

  2. Add emotion x2.
    • Emotion trumps logic every day. The evidence shows that we have just 2 seconds to be noticed and 8 seconds to engage. Only then does rational benefit enter the consideration of consumers. So, be fascinating, be intriguing. Just don’t be boring. There are techniques that help - look for the evidence that comes from your brand’s market (those that buy) and what the science has exposed.

  3. Make the format work hard for you
    • Drive attention to what is important and what you want your audience to do. Make it easy to navigate by breaking down the elements into easily digestible chunks. Again, the brand’s assets (or code) can add tremendous value for both you and your customers UX.

  4. Play where your audience plays
    • Website (a must), Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube. Make sure that whatever you do, you do well. You don’t have to be perfect - just regular.

  5. The job is never finished
    • A digital presence is forever evolving. Don’t wait for perfection. Monitor what the audience does (and likes) and keep adapting.

Brand is an anchor, sales the goal and happy customers the primary objective.  

Branding is just one part of a giant 3D marketing puzzle. It’s complex. Talk with us and let us guide you on how to fit the pieces together to create a true competitive advantage.

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