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Key Visual Elements in Branding Your Digital Presence

AMBA Jul 02 • 4 mins read

Branding is now more critical to business success than possibly any other time in history. There are many reasons why, with the digital world being at the top of the list. Everything is online - real or virtual, local or global, product or services. We Humans are spoilt for choice. Yes, we want options but Humans like to avoid having to think and make decisions. We want life to be easy - which is precisely what good branding will help us achieve!

Branding assists with decision making. Seeing something familiar confirms that we’re in the right place and found the right thing. Brand’s cue quality, price and even the context for when you should buy.

The best brands codify, they have a well-developed code that defines how the brand looks and speaks, and that is consistently applied. It’s always wholly distinctive. Visual elements instantly and subconsciously communicate message and tone, building brand recognition and creating hooks and memories.

Branding your Digital Presence. While the fundamentals of branding don’t change when moving online, the format does. Device and apps present unique challenges that call for more specific visual design rules to ensure maximum engagement and brand recall. Less is more.

The design aesthetic is essential, as we all eat with our eyes. But, you need to reach people before you can influence them. Human attention span is now just 8.25 seconds - so any message must be instant.

Tip 1 - Anchor Brand

Ensure your audience can recognise they have found the right spot. Apply your brand’s distinctive assets appropriately for the format. Logo, Colour, Images, Messages, etc are all elements that you could use.

Tip 2 - Typography

Typography is an important factor for digital audiences, particularly on smaller devices. The key is readability - good typography balances font size with leading and kerning to make it easy to read.

Tip 3 - Photo filters and editing

Be consistent with photo filters and photo editing. While you don’t have to be repetitive in terms of your photos, having some sort of “signature filter” for Instagram and Facebook would make your brand consistent across digital platforms. Choose filters and hues that are true to your brand.

Some filters are colorful and vibrant - suitable for light-hearted, approachable brands. Other filters are dark and edgy, which might work well for fashion brands or brands that aim for specific audiences. Filters give off specific feels that brands could use in setting a specific atmosphere. Being consistent with it can make your audience associate emotional values with your images.

Tip 4 - Make the layout work for you

Use your layout to direct your audience’s eyes to where you want drive attention - be that your website/blog/social media accounts:

  • What content/image do we want to emphasise?
  • What elements should be present?
  • Where should we place our logo?
  • How will we guide our audience’s attention flow through the visual elements?

Your layout can keep your audience’s attention and visually break your elements down into easily understandable chunks.

How your audience perceives your digital branding presence relies heavily on visual elements. Use the advantages presented by the platform in representing what your company is all about and visualise it in a way that makes it easily recognisable.

Can we share more?

If Brand is important to you, you can find much more by following this link to our page on Brand. You will also find our free eBook on The Secrets to Making Brand Work.

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