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You have to reach people

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We regularly post on the issues and what we have observed happening in the complex world of marketing. The views and opinions are ours - and we are always open for debate. Let’s chat.

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Why invest in your brand now?

11.12.17 / 03:07AM / Peter O'Leary

Some years ago a large Australian Retailer underwent a major re-brand. After 50 years, the leadership recognised the need to demonstrably update and refresh. The outcome was outrageously successful - receiving universal praise (how rare is that?). Acknowledged by the customers, embraced by the vast workforce and recognised by shareholders (who appreciated the lift in share price that followed). Congratulations to all involved.

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brand strategy

The origins of branding

06.12.17 / 05:46AM / Peter O'Leary

The modern word Brand is derived “Brandr”, an ancient Norse word meaning “to burn”. Its early use was to signify ownership (i.e. this cattle belongs to me!). Over time the Brand gained more meaning. When recognising the Brand, not only could you identify the Owner but also the origin and often make a determination on quality.   

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brand identity

Letting Creative Lead

13.11.17 / 05:35AM / Peter O'Leary

Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results has often been cited as the definition of stupidity. It seems obvious - to make change means doing something different, yet the reality is that much of what we are prepared to do is way more subtle. We stay in our Comfort Zone and do the familiar. Maybe it's the fear of the unknown, a lack of confidence or simply inertia that keeps our feet firmly planted.

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Creative Process

When your advertising stops delivering results

04.09.17 / 02:50AM / Peter O'Leary

As a marketer is there anything worse? You’ve invested energy, much of your limited budget and the dial just didn’t move. Everyone is asking the question - what went wrong? And, everyone involved is pointing fingers.

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marketing strategy, advertising strategy

Why invest in good creative work?

22.08.17 / 10:25PM / Peter O'Leary

When it comes to all things marketing, the obvious answer to any question about investing should always be based on the return generated - the ROMI. By that definition, creative that is good yields stronger results. What is good creative and how do you know when you’ve found it?

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Creative Advertising

Why you should start with strategy

18.07.17 / 09:50PM / Peter O'Leary

Strategy is an often misused and much misaligned term. By definition, a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major aim or objective. Confusion can exist between what is strategy and what are tactics.

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marketing strategy

Knowing that ‘you are not your customer’

04.07.17 / 10:28PM / Peter O'Leary

There is a common lament amongst agency peeps when their client isn’t able to articulate why something doesn’t work and resorts to their personal view, that leaves everyone questioning ‘why did we bother’?

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brand marketing

Strong Brands Deliver Profit

30.05.17 / 10:46PM / Peter O'Leary

Brand, by definition, is a Mark - initially created as a method of distinguishing ownership and origin. Over time, the Mark became readily identifiable, making it easy for a consumer (or buyer) to assign (or determine) value. Today, we’d like to think that it has become much more sophisticated - that brands are ‘positioned’, that consumers engage, embrace and fall in love with (your) brands. Intriguingly, the reality is much closer to where it all began.

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brand marketing

May the 4th be with you: The power of brand

03.05.17 / 09:05PM / Peter O'Leary

Who does the brand Star Wars belong too? It is a phenomenal success, embraced passionately by generations across the globe. No doubt it is ‘owned’ by a corporation but in truth, that corporation is more of a custodian than an owner. They answer to legions of fans, all supportive, all protective, all ready to stand together. Powerful.

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Brand Assets

Driving New Sales Growth

18.10.16 / 10:00PM / Stephen Gnall

Why #allbuyersmatter Before you can influence consumers, you have to reach them. So the key to driving new sales growth is talking to as many people as possible. Long-term growth isn’t stimulated by any one segment or category of customers. It comes from spreading the brand message to as many buyers it can – all buyers – and creating meaningful mental and physical availability.

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