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Social Media and Your Brand: Easy Mistakes to Avoid

Peter O'Leary 11 Jan 2016 • 4 mins read

Engaging digital natives and immigrants in this scintillatingly fast-paced, ‘always on’ world will requires a degree of mastery of  the intricacies and nuances of social media. As one of the main attractions and ‘home’ for people online, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have over 14 million, 2.8 million and 5 million users respectively in Australia alone! With those facts in mind, it’s easy to see that using these platforms has become essential in any digital marketing strategy. After all, your brand needs to reach people before you have any chance of influencing them.

Use social media marketing as a key part of your digital marketing. Be it through an InBound marketing approach or as an adjunct to an OutBound campaign, to succeed in this sprawling platform needs you need your wits about you. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner in social media marketing, knowing what not to do (and why) is one of the best places to start. We list down some social media slip-ups and mistakes that are easy to avoid.

Engaging your customers let them know that your brand listens to them.

Talking too much about the brand and its products/services

One of the common mistakes of brands when they build up their online presence is to talk too much about their products. From posting similar/same videos and sharing content about their latest product to focusing too much on giving info about their promotions and other marketing activities, these shameless efforts will drive away your fans and social media connections. People will get tired of seeing your brand on their feeds and notifications if all you ever talk about is yourself.

Your brand should also talk about the industry you are in, technologies and innovations in your field, current trends, impactful events and many other useful things that your audiences resonate with. While social media can be a platform for self-promotion, one of its main purposes is to build and sustain brand salience through the use of distinctive assets and consistent presence.

Underestimating social media advertising

Most social media sites have advertising features that your brand could take advantage of. While not unlike pop-ups, these ads work better and have a more organic approach. Boost engagement and reach by using social advertising. The great thing about these ads is that they can be specifically targeted to audiences who are interested about the field, products or services aligned with what your brand offers.

Not optimising your social media presence

You can optimise your social media presence in two ways: By focusing on a site’s natural strength and by using social media platforms as a way to establish SEO presence.

While there are merits in developing specifically targeted social media accounts, maximise the use of these free platforms in reaching out to your audiences. Be platform-agnostic and cultivate the best qualities of the social media sites that your brand is in.

Another way of looking at this slip-up is failing to take advantage of the social media pages as a means to improve your brand’s performance in search engines. By optimising content in your pages, you improve your brand’s chances of getting found.

Eschewing interactions

The great thing about social media is that it encourages interaction between your brand and your audience. Instead of just sticking to your social media posting schedule, find ways to interact with and reach out to your audience. Engaging your customers let them know that your brand listens to them. As an added bonus, interactions between you and your audience improves your brand’s chance of getting found through newsfeed activities.

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