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We regularly post on the issues and what we have observed happening in the complex world of marketing. The views and opinions are ours - and we are always open for debate. Let’s chat.

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Reach and Frequency: What should be the priority? - AMBA Agency

14.05.19 / 06:00AM / Peter O'Leary

Let’s say that you've been tasked with delivering the best results from a limited budget. It’s now time to decide on the optimal exposure/reach and frequency needed to make your advertising campaign a major success - there are so many options, opinions and possibilities. More importantly, how would you know if you have the right strategy?

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Advertising, Media Advertising, Media Strategy

The Use of Rational vs Emotional Persuasion in Advertising

11.10.16 / 03:00AM / Stephen Gnall

Emotion-oriented messaging for the sort-of watchers It should come as little surprise in today’s media-proliferated, multi-platform world, that the average human attention span has dropped to an all-time low. The fact that consumers now spend shorter intervals concentrating on specific distractions isn’t what’s interesting though. It’s the new way many buyers are behaving inside of those micro-moments that’s intriguing.

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Digital Advertising, Advertising, Media Advertising, Effective Advertising, television advertising

Working your magic through an effective advertising creative brief

16.05.16 / 02:00AM / Peter O'Leary

An effective creative brief needs to clear two hurdles in a single leap. It’s got to function as both an inspirational blueprint for your creative team and a confirmation back to the client that you understand their challenge and have a strategy in place to meet it. 

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Advertising, Media Strategy, Creative Brief

The Art Behind Successful Advertising

21.03.16 / 01:00AM / Peter O'Leary

  Advertising is still seen as the most direct and efficient way to reach your audience, but it’s rapidly becoming more important to differentiate yourself from the crowd. It’s no longer enough to just make sure your brand is heard about. These days, it’s all about distinguishing yourself: making sure your brand is remembered. Modern advertising understands this shift quite well, and has worked these principles in with most of the memorable campaigns we see today.

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Aiming for Distinctiveness over Differentiation in Advertising

13.11.15 / 03:52AM / Peter O'Leary

Contemporary marketing strategies often rely heavily on the overly simple idea that “different is good”. Campaigns are designed to cleverly exploit a brand’s (real or perceived) benefits as they relate to (real or perceived) consumer dilemmas. It’s an attempt at creating meaning for the product in the consumers’ lives. But how much do consumers actually identify differentiation between competing brands?

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Branding, Advertising

Does Price Promotion Really Pay-Off in the Long Run?

28.09.15 / 01:48AM / AMBA

Often used to spur interest, boost brand recognition and bring in new consumers into the fold, price promotion is a common and effective sales tactic thanks to its irresistible ability to spike sales charts. However, business owners and marketers should stop for a second and consider price promotion’s long-term impact in their brand and marketing initiatives.

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Branding, Advertising

The Five Traits of an Effective Advertising Agency

30.08.15 / 11:46PM / AMBA

With plenty of advertising companies endorsing the same services out there, how can you guarantee quality for your business? Fortunately, there are traits that can indicate whether you’re working with a reliable and responsible partner. Here’s what you should look out for when choosing your creative agency:

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