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You have to reach people

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We regularly post on the issues and what we have observed happening in the complex world of marketing. The views and opinions are ours - and we are always open for debate. Let’s chat.

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Key Visual Elements in Branding Your Digital Presence - AMBA Agency

04.03.19 / 10:50PM / Peter O'Leary

Branding is now more critical to business success than possibly at any other time in history and there are millions of reasons why. Human attention span is shortening and decisions are being made purely on emotive reactions in an instant (swipe left).

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Digital Advertising, Branding, brand communication


10.01.19 / 12:33AM / Peter O'Leary

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is standard practice for most business. No matter what the size, there is an expectation that businesses do the right thing - from helping those in need to tackling issues that will make the world a better place. This expectation is almost becoming a demand, watched closely by all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and regulators/governments.

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Branding, CSR

The Lost Art of Brevity

20.09.16 / 11:30PM / Stephen Gnall

Build your brand story and let it be heard Communicating an effective brand story shouldn’t be any harder than telling friends about your weekend or summarising the action of the last movie you saw. Nevertheless, we’ve all met that guy before. The one who just can’t tell a story to save his life; a chronic overexplainer that somehow manages to say less the more he speaks.

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Branding, brand influence, brand stories, brand communication

The Greatest Brand Story Ever Told

13.09.16 / 11:00PM / Stephen Gnall

Fight consumer cynicism with your brand story

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Branding, brand influence, brand stories, brand communication

Collecting Interest on Emotional Investments

06.09.16 / 02:54AM / Stephen Gnall

Fight consumer cynicism with your brand story Emotion sells. No doubt about it. We are, after all, emotional creatures that occasionally think.

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Branding, brand influence, brand stories, brand communication

Transforming the Consumer into an Agent of Your Brand

16.08.16 / 11:00PM / Stephen Gnall

Let your consumers do your marketing for you Modern marketing is a bit like ancient alchemy. Turning hunks of common metals into lumps of silver or gold isn’t all that dissimilar from transforming consumers into customers, and ultimately into passionate brand advocates.

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Branding, brand advocacy

The Digital Equaliser

09.08.16 / 11:30PM / Stephen Gnall

How your brand can influence your consumers Before you can influence people with your brand, you have to reach them with its message. That’s always been the function of marketing. Prostitutes in ancient Greece wore special sandals that would stamp the words, “follow me” into the dirt behind them as they went. Not terribly subtle, but a clever example of practical advertising at work.

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Branding, brand influence

The Loyalty Myth

02.08.16 / 11:00PM / Stephen Gnall

How loyalty can grow your brand to new heights “There’s no such thing as loyalty anymore.” – the mantra of frustrated marketers when the numbers aren’t where they ought to be. But it’s a thin excuse and a half-truth at best. We can debate whether or not brand loyalty ever really existed at all, but when growth stalls, or comes screeching to a halt, eroding loyalty isn’t the culprit. Inspired competition usually is.

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Branding, brand loyalty

Content Marketing Trade Secrets: 5 Things you Simply Can’t Afford to Miss

26.02.16 / 01:00AM / Peter O'Leary

Remember the days when effectively marketing your content was solely about having some well-written copy at hand? Back then, raising awareness about your brand seemed simpler and admittedly, less effective. As we move towards new technologies and modern marketing mantras, we are seeing a paradigm shift where the task of planning, creating and publishing content carry as much weight as the content itself. To help you learn the ropes in creating a great content marketing strategy, here are some salient points to keep in mind:

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Branding, Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy: A Must-Read for Marketers

05.02.16 / 01:00AM / Peter O'Leary

Ever noticed how content marketing is as complex as it is intangible? This is precisely why you should zero in on its strategic role in any inbound marketing scheme (prior to jumping into any content-centric initiative!). Otherwise, you run the risk of putting a skewed or disconnected strategy in place, consequently targeting the wrong focus. As it is, hitting the nail on the head - at least where content marketing is concerned - requires clear answer to some very important questions:

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Branding, Content Marketing