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We regularly post on the issues and what we have observed happening in the complex world of marketing. The views and opinions are ours - and we are always open for debate. Let’s chat.

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Key Visual Elements in Branding Your Digital Presence - AMBA Agency

04.03.19 / 10:50PM / Peter O'Leary

Branding is now more critical to business success than possibly at any other time in history and there are millions of reasons why. Human attention span is shortening and decisions are being made purely on emotive reactions in an instant (swipe left).

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Digital Advertising, Branding, brand communication


10.01.19 / 12:33AM / Peter O'Leary

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is standard practice for most business. No matter what the size, there is an expectation that businesses do the right thing - from helping those in need to tackling issues that will make the world a better place. This expectation is almost becoming a demand, watched closely by all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and regulators/governments.

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Branding, CSR

Aiming for Distinctiveness over Differentiation in Advertising

13.11.15 / 03:52AM / Peter O'Leary

Contemporary marketing strategies often rely heavily on the overly simple idea that “different is good”. Campaigns are designed to cleverly exploit a brand’s (real or perceived) benefits as they relate to (real or perceived) consumer dilemmas. It’s an attempt at creating meaning for the product in the consumers’ lives. But how much do consumers actually identify differentiation between competing brands?

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Branding, Advertising

Does Price Promotion Really Pay-Off in the Long Run?

28.09.15 / 01:48AM / AMBA

Often used to spur interest, boost brand recognition and bring in new consumers into the fold, price promotion is a common and effective sales tactic thanks to its irresistible ability to spike sales charts. However, business owners and marketers should stop for a second and consider price promotion’s long-term impact in their brand and marketing initiatives.

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Branding, Advertising

An Introduction to Neuro-Rich Triggers in Brand Strategy

14.09.15 / 02:57AM / AMBA

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