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Business Integration

A customer obsession drives the best consumer experience.

Business is complex. To find the right answer, you first must have clarity on the question. Our mission is to make that complexity a strength, not a weakness. We do that by working alongside, sharing the insights and our process as we go. This approach is collaborative, agendas are aligned on a focussed outcome. And, we can add value by helping curate the output of your existing marketing partners.


It’s the little things that matter most. Building loyalty is a common strategic goal, but what does that mean? Loyalty splits in two - function and sentiment. Function is rational - driven by features, benefits and availability. Sentiment is emotional - it’s the story of preference, ease, confidence and certainty.

To achieve full potential, all the stars must align. The Marketing team must be efficient and effective in attracting attention; Sales must be ready to engage, build interest and convert; Customer Service must to be skilled in developing and maintaining a relationship. Brand is the glue that links all.


AMBA consults on aligning Marketing, Sales and Customer Service to maximise the Customer Experience. We use technology and data to find the game-changing insights. This is about delighting your customers so that, not only do they return, they become advocates.

There are many benefits, from a shorter sales cycles, to higher conversion rates and a stronger ROMI (return on marketing investment).

Talk to us about:

  1. Customer Centric marketing automation systems that unite Sales, Customer Service and Marketing.
  2. Engaging Customers & Prospects when and where they want
    • Websites that are smart and enticing.
    • How Messaging services are part of the next wave.
  3. Qualifying buyers and converting Prospects to Customers
    • Dealing with hot leads prospects quickly (identify and action)
    • Make smart offers (we can talk about the science of offers for hours…)
  4. Retaining and developing customers
    • From frequency of purchase or likelihood to recommend.
    • Identify when the customer is back in the market.
  5. Delighting and creating advocates.


In this cluttered online world decisions are made in seconds, on devices that could be anywhere, at anytime of the day or night. As home automation rapidly evolves, this craziness is only going to accelerate. When change comes - it’s always best to go with it.