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Development & Activation

Communication Strategy

AMBA consults with clients on communication programs, including brand strategy, marketing strategy, advertising, media assurance, market insights and smart tactical activation.


Consumer’s move quickly, making most buying decisions with little rational thought. Then, in other situations it seems like that same consumer is going through agony in picking an option. The communication challenge may seem poles apart but humans have a tremendous desire for predictability and opportunity follows that predictable path:

  1. Attract attention.
    • Predominantly the role of advertising, including SEO/SEM. Equally supported by Events, PR and Social media programs. This is step one in creating mental awareness.
  2. Engage and build interest.
    • The website (maybe a marketing automation system), call centre, shop front or sales representative. Brochures, Point-of-sale displays, longer form advertising and videos all help with engagement.
  3. Convert from prospect to customer.
    • A reason to buy now. The key is availability. From online to instore or via a sales rep. Options and ease of choice, together with proposal format play a major role.  
  4. Retain and gain repeat.
    • Most consumers buy a given category infrequently. Repeat purchase can be years away but follows the same path. The experience for the consumer was good; the Product/Service did what it said it would; the brand is easy to identify and find again.
  5. Delight and create advocates.
    • Organic growth comes when your customers start sharing their positive experiences with others.

A good communication strategy covers the full gambit - no step is missed. Sharp tactics deliver results. Your Customer is on a journey, join them.


Data Driven Insights
It’s far more effective to observe what people do than to listen to what they say they do.

Contextual Media
You have to reach people before you can influence them.

Creative Impact
Human attention span shows that there are just 2 seconds to be noticed and 8 to engage.

Aesthetic Design
We eat with our eyes. Creativity drives likability.

Clever Technology
Leveraging assets maximises value.

There is much to consider. The secret is to make complexity a strength. AMBA has processes to measure and manage the development of activity across each stage of the journey.

As an example - find out more about our approach to advertising:

  • Advertising Creative - impact
  • Media Buying - reach