At AMBA We Make Brands Distinctive
At AMBA We Make Brands Distinctive
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Brand Science & Strategy

Marketing is more complex now than at any time in history. There are more opportunities to engage with your prospects. The internet has no borders and no secrets. Competition is everywhere.

Commanding attention – being distinctively individual is a key to success. 

We extensively use empirical data and science to inform our processes and recommendations.

Let strategy lead.

When you do the stuff that matters – the sales follow. By working to an agreed Strategy, the difficult actions become clear.

For lip balm Blistex, the challenge was big. A brand in decline – no. 4 and falling. Using our strategy process, we found a large segment that didn’t see the brand as relevant. This needed a mindshift and a brave step away from convention. By repositioning completely, the brand went from irrelevant to fascinating. Within 6 months it was no.1.

Brands engage audiences when they are relevant.

Science has proven the benefits of how creatively designed brand assets build value and drive recognition. While relevance and context go hand-in-hand, it’s the emotive cues that can make a big difference. 

For Frasers Property Australia and their major masterplan development at Shell Cove, the audience was complex. With thousands of homes built in stages over many years, the brand engaged a broad range of buying groups. From local families and couples, to investors and downsizers. By deploying a brand code, we cohesively engaged each group while speaking directly to their individual specific needs. 

Brand triggers capture attention.

Triggers draw from memories to quickly communicate with the audience. Associating brand with established triggers drives recognition and embeds brand assets deeper.

In the hugely competitive hayfever treatment category, we maximised campaign impact and effectiveness for Azep Nasal Spray by strengthening brand assets and adding a new brand anthem – Azep works ASAP. The clarity of message extended to all consumer touch points.

Thursday Plantation is a leader in its category, a household name in Australia and growing rapidly around the globe. Anchoring brand assets while providing for local adaptation is a challenge for any global brand. Tools that align brand and key messaging is a core strength of AMBA. With our tools and approach, Thursday Plantation empowers teams and stakeholders everywhere.

Creative drives likability.

We are naturally drawn towards the things we like, are familiar with or find attractive. Good design adds to the perception of quality. All creative work must have an emotional impact – it may make you laugh or make you cry – or it may simply make you smile.

Even a light touch can Move Minds. 

Ear wax is not attractive, yet it is a real problem for many people. For EarClear, we applied brand engagement techniques and created an animated character to ‘soften’ the subject. The result included a modest television ad that engagingly communicated the product benefits and anchored brand. For more than 5 year, the ad has continued to deliver.

You have to reach people before you can influence them.

No matter how great the offer or how engaging the advertising – nothing works unless the offer is seen and understood. Reach, and how it will be achieved, is fundamental to all recommendations AMBA makes.

Launching into an existing category with a completely new product format, that is 3 times the price of existing offers, is a little like walking the high-wire. For No Vac carpet deodoriser, we did exactly that. Rather than grow the category, our launch strategy was focussed on switching users from competitive products. Today, No Vac is the clear category leader. 


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