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Likening ourselves to magicians may sound a bit theatrical. But the truth is, as an agency, we use the same principles of attention, awareness, trust and perception to fascinate consumers that illusionists use to affect their audience with sleight of hand.

The AMBA approach is solution-based. Artfully inspired yet informed by empirical data, our methods transcend conventional  brand pageantry and explore the science behind what can make a brand truly fascinating.


Magicians and marketers alike rely on the abilities and limitations of the mind. By exploiting common gaps in human perception and producing imaginative work across a range of platforms, AMBA is able to refresh memory structures by defining and reinforcing the kind of distinct brand assets that drive remarkable campaigns.

What's your big challenge? Inside 30 minutes an AMBA business leader can identify the place to start. The conversation is free, no obligation and no commitments. Just a straight-talking chat about your marketing challenges.